Pasture Raised - 10 Whole Chickens ($50 deposit)


We raise our chickens free-range on open grass pasture where they can go where they want, do what they want, and say what they want to say. We're talking free birds here. They're no vegetarians either because PASTURE RAISED CHICKENS EAT BUGS, GRASS, LEAVES, GRAINS, LEGUMES, and whatever else they might scratch up in their low to the ground wild world. 

All of our meats are free of antibiotics and growth hormones.

We only raise chickens when the grass is growing, so stock up while you can!

Once you place your order you will be added to the list and will receive your chickens when they are ready which could be anytime between July 1st and Oct. 31st. 

Our current whole free-range chicken price is $4.75/Lb.

Minimum order is 10 chickens. 

Note: Please choose how many batches of chickens you want below. For Example if you choose 2 you will be making a deposit on 20 chickens.

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