The grazing goose is the perfect symbol of pastured poultry farming as geese are free-range by definition, spending the majority of their lives grazing on grass in the open fields. They are the perfect grazer and can grow well on grass alone. 

For thousands of years geese have had an important presence on the farm landscape around the world and in several countries are the traditional Christmas centerpiece.

We think Geese are great but they are just a small part of what we are doing on our farm. We produce grass-fed beef, free-range pork, and free-range chickens and turkeys to supply Regina and area with free-range and pasture-raised meats. 

We also host tours, gatherings, and outdoor farm dinners right here at the farm!

More About Us: 

Sabrina is a registered dietitian and farmer. Her whole world revolves around food. She believes food should be celebrated, shared and embraced with enthusiasm. Jeff is a geologist and farmer, and a forager and naturalist at heart. He believes food should be natural and grown as close to nature as possible. We are the Bovee family. Our passion is food, and our place is at the root of it all, the farm. For us the farm isn't just a place to grow food, it's a place to learn about food and what it means to each of us. 

We love growing an organic garden each year to sustain us through the fall and much of the winter. We have a deep freezer in our home that we fill with organic vegetables & pasture raised meats to sustain us and our families until the next season. It really does feel good to know that we can eat organic vegetables and pasture raised meats year round. 

We also have an organic Haskap Berry orchard, which is just starting to produce fruit this season, though it may take a few years before we have berry products available at The Grazing Goose market.

The Team:

We have a lot of help here from family, great neighbors, and great friends. A special thanks to: Dan & Donalee Bovee, Joe & Cecile Shoenfeld, Greg & Tracy, Allan & Judy, Anna Schonfeld, the Knoll family, and  all of our great friends who have lended a hand here.

Great food and great people go together so well. We are so looking forward to meeting all of you great people and sharing our great food with you!

Happy Eating!

The Bovee Family