Welcome to The Grazing Goose

Welcome to The Grazing Goose.  We are a sustainable small farm & market located in the lovely Red Fox Valley, South of Indian Head, Saskatchewan.  Less than 1 hour from Regina.

We are so pleased you have chosen us to supply your family with healthy and mindful foods directly from our family farm. By choosing us you will have the opportunity to actually visit YOUR farm and know YOUR farmer! 

As a farmer and registered dietitian I am so very grateful to live life in such a way that our family can grow the foods that sustain us; and in a manner that best benefits our health and the health of the land. 

We give back to nature by planting trees, expanding forested areas and protecting wildlife and insects. We don't use chemicals on our pastures, garden or orchard, nor do we engage in the use of growth hormones or antibiotics in feed. (more on this)

Contact with nature and farm animals is very enriching and therapeutic. In the not so distant future we hope hope to offer overnight retreat opportunities on our unique property, but for now we are excited to offer day passes to those who are seeking access to unique, interesting and fulfilling local destinations in the Regina area.

Check out these TV productions filmed at our farm. The first is a Prairie Farm Report production. Prairie Farm Report is fantastic and everyone should watch their shows on The Rural Network. The second is Max TV Magazine. Another local great which highlights local attractions!