Grass-Fed Beef (Bulk) 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 Share (Deposit only)

Our next availability for cut and wrapped beef will be fall / winter of 2023.  Book your beef share anytime.  Please check in with us regarding ground beef orders in the mean time. 

This is a deposit for a share of our delicious pasture raised, humanely & ethically raised, antibiotic & hormone free grass-fed & grass-finished that's a mouthful!

Looking for extra lean Texas Longhorn beef? (click here)

Our Beef is dry aged the old fashioned way, and vacuum sealed for freshness.  All you need is a deep freezer and some hungry beef lovers! 

Price based on hanging weight: 1/2 share- $5.50/Lb, 1/4 share- $5.75/Lb, 1/8 share- 6.00/Lb  Plus butchering fees of $1.25/lb. 

The hanging weight of beef varies: On average we expect: 1/2 share = 275 lbs, 1/4 share = 140 lbs, 1/8 share = 70 lbs.

What is hanging weight? This is the weight of the meat before it is cut up by the butcher. This is the typical way to buy beef directly from a farm. During the butchering process the meat is trimmed of any excess fat, bone, sinew etc. then cut into steaks and roasts and ground beef. The typical yield of classic boneless cuts is about 60% of the hanging weight. 

How it works: You place a deposit on a beef share. We then email you a simple form to fill out which helps us to know how you would prefer your beef to be cut up. For example we can make more steaks or more roasts or half and half. It's a simple process and we are happy to help you over the phone or by email if you have any questions at all. 

Once your beef has been processed we will make a plan for pickup or delivery. We ask that you provide balance payment upon delivery.

Pass the grass-fed beef please!

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