Mindful Eating Retreats

I believe that food is truly wonderful and should be celebrated. But in our diet obsessed world food has been torn apart. It is no longer simply the whole foods that nourished our ancestors. Food is feared or revered & called names like high carb, low fat, good fat, source of vitamins, processed, high protein, low sodium, or antioxidant filled. Healthy eating can be a frightful challenge and with the multibillion dollar food industry knocking on our door daily there is no break from it. It isn’t as simple as we would all like it to be, but I’m here to help you develop a great relationship with food.

Join me for an enriching course where I will lead you to understand what drives your personal food cravings. Through cognitive training I will empower you and help shape your mind to actually desire the better choice.

Come & sip tea with a group of like-minded women, while surrounded with the sights and sounds of our tranquil farm. This setting will take you far away from the daily grind so you can learn to open-up your mind and embrace a refreshing new found relationship with food!

Snacks & beverages will be available during the evening retreats. The full day weekend retreats are catered and include lunch & Dinner featuring our own products as well as other carefully selected local foods.

The course content is Craving change.......


I just had a baby and am on maternity leave for the summer. However, I still plan to hold one retreat the evenings of August 13th, 20th and 27th.

I am also taking pre-bookings for my return.

In addition I am open to traveling to teach courses. Please contact me in regards to hosting classes in your community.

Sabrina Bovee

Registered Dietitian & Farmer